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Due to recent developments with Covid the Executive Committee decided the safest option is to postpone in-person meetings until Jan 10, 2022.  We will continue the option to meet on-line via Zoom throughout the year, including when we have in-person meetings at the FIM. A dial-in option is also available.

Links to Zoom Meetings will be emailed each week.  If you are not receiving emails notify Corr. Sec. Tom Cerny
13 Sept  2021   Khalfani Stephens, Economic Development   

          Director, City of Flint
                  Topic:  "How to Build a City-- One Brick at a Time"

20 Sept  Dr Eric Lieske,  CEO Flint Cultural Center Academy
                  Topic:  "The Art & Science of Learning" (Including a

                                     Virtual Tour of The FCCA)

27 Sept  Dr Mike Heberling, LCOL USAF Ret. & Baker College Ret.
                  Topic:  "The Michigan Polar Bears"

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Annual Dues $25—Send check payable to RMFGF to Treasurer
            Alan Ferrari, 2909 Brownell Blvd, Flint, MI 48504.

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