September 2020 Programs

                  Retired Men’s Fellowship of Greater Flint
     “Coffee" at 9:00    Virtual Meetings   Program at 10:00
                      Starting our 57th Year as a Club!
                         Introduce a Friend to RMFGF!

VIRTUAL MEETINGS via ZOOM!  Due to Covid-19 RMFGF is not able to have in-person meetings at The FIM this fall.  Instead we will have virtual meetings on line using Zoom.  It is easy to attend if you have access to the Internet, have access to email, and a Laptop or Personal computer (equipped with a camera and mic), a Tablet (iPad or similar device), or by smart phone.  Tech support will be available to help you get set up if you are not already using zoom to connect with family, friends, your doctor, etc.  Please be patient, we are all learning!

Corresponding secretary Tom Cerny will "host" the Zoom meetings that will be led by President Jim Packer and Gen Pgm Chair Cyrus Farrehi.  From 9:00-9:55 before each meeting there will be "breakout groups" if you would like to join friends for “coffee” and fellowship (virtual "table" groups). Let Tom know who is in your group.  Links to meetings and announcements will be sent by email a few days before each meeting.

Tom has email addresses for 89 of 99 members.  We need to confirm addresses are correct and that email is being checked regularly. 

If you have not been receiving emails from Tom and use email-- send an email to him with your name and contact info so he can update the list.  If you prefer to get email via someone else’s email (wife, relative, etc.,) let Tom know what email to use.

If you do not have email or access to email call Tom (leave a message if you get voicemail) at 810-252-6943.
If you have moved in the last year or changed your phone contact Tom by email or phone with update.

Special Event: 30 August 2020 Celebrate Red Bjurman’s 100th

         Birthday at the Drive-by-Party in Fenton!

Virtual Meetings: 
14 Sept 2020  -- FIRST ZOOM MEETING OF RMFGF!   

       Topic: Catching Up/ Checking In/ Member Survey Draft
          Results/ How Do We Do This?  Tech Talk w Jim Chintyin

21 Sept 2020  -- Member Paul Savage 
       Topic: “Fly-In Brook Trout Fishing in Labrador”.

28 Sept 2020  -- Jim Chintyin, RMFGF Tech Guru
       Topic:  Cyber Security

      Annual Dues $25—Mail check payable to RMFGF to Treasurer Alan Ferrari, 2909 Brownell Blvd., Flint, MI, 48504

Gen Program Chair      President         Monthly Program Chair
     Cyrus Farrehi           Jim Packer