Retired Men’s Fellowship of Greater Flint    
         Coffee at 9:30    Flint Institute of Music   Program at 10:00
                                         Bring a Friend!
05 Oct. 2015  Jamie Karn, RN BSN, Certified Diabetes Educator, Genesys                            Topic:  “Diabetes Overview”

12 Oct. 2015  Christopher White, Team Supervisor, Aphersis, Red Cross
           Topic:  “Blood Donation—Whole Blood, Platelets, Plasma”

19 Oct. 2015  Derek Sommer, President, Spud Software
            Topic:  “History of Spud Software and Information Technology”

26 Oct. 2015  Ed Benning, General Manager/CEO, Mass Transportation Authority
            Topic:  “Innovations at the MTA”


October 2015 Programs