Membership... Check Us Out

Guests:  Attendance at a first meeting is always as a guest but walk-ins are welcome.   Call the Corresponding Secretary if questions. 

Membership: Any retired or semi-retired man who will endeavor to further the objectives for which this Fellowship is organized is eligible for membership.

Those not retired may become Associate Members.

Members and Associate Members have the same voting rights, and pay the same dues as established by the executive board.

Member Information Card  


Dues for those choosing to become members is $25/year (September thru August).  Dues are prorated for those joining after January.    Click this link to pay dues by mail. 

Of Note

Speakers often comment on two important items:  (1) the way our members dress for the occasion, and (2) the attention given to the speaker followed by a volley of very interesting questions. 


Members are mobile, active retirees and therefore attendance patterns vary widely.  We hope all members will want to attend each meeting when they are in town to enjoy both fellowship and interesting programs. 

There are many opportunities to be of service to the fellowship-- see the list of officers for roles.

Members are encouraged to volunteer as a Monthly Program Chair.  Monthly program chairs seek out quality speakers for our meetings-- each one brings a unique flavor.  By rotating that duty each month there are always fresh and interesting new topics.  Help is always available for those who want it

It is the participation of volunteers in various capacities that keeps our organization vibrant.