New Member Card & Instructions

                        Retired Men's Fellowship of Greater Flint
                                Member Directory Information
NAME______________________________________   PHONE_____________________
CITY______________________________, ST___  ZIP + (4Digits) ___________________
CELL PHONE____________________EMAIL_____________________________________
BIRTH Date________________ SPONSOR*____________________________________
NICKNAME FOR NAME BADGE ________________ SPOUSE___________________
EMPLOYER (Before Retired) _______________________________________________
JOB TITLE (Before Retired) _________________________________________________
*Person who introduced you to RMFGF ___________________________________

(   ) Check here if you are an Associate Member (not yet retired)

                               See OVER for Instructions

Annual dues for 2022-23 $25.
Mail check, payable to RMFGF, along with this form to Treasurer
Alan Ferrari
2909 Brownell Blvd., Flint, MI, 48504
810-239-7245 or email

If you are able to email or text an image of this completed form please
send to Corresponding Secretary
Tom Cerny
6243 Meadowwood Lane Grand Blanc, MI 48439