Retired Men’s Fellowship of Greater Flint    
   Coffee at 9:30              Flint Institute of Music              Program at 10:00
                                                Bring a Friend!
02 May --Len Thomas                      
        Topic:  Two Major Train Wrecks at Durand, Michigan: The
        Wallace Brothers Circus Train Disaster, 1903 & The Knights Templar

        Train Wreck, 1923.
09 May --Stephen Burton            
        Topic: Henry Ford and the Model “A”
16 May --Pete Maas             
        Topic:  Central Mine Memories
23 May--Max Harrison        
        Topic: Old School Houses of Genesee County  
06 June—Annual Trip—Ford Field, Detroit River Cruise & Lunch. 
        Cost $70pp.  Bring a friend. 

Gen Program Chair                        President             Monthly Program Chair
          Jerry Haller                     Tom Cerny                   David Kincaid