Retired Men’s Fellowship of Greater Flint
     Coffee at 9:30       Flint Institute of Music         Program at 10:00
                                           Bring a Friend!

3   Feb 20 – David Stamm & Jeff Wilson – Emerg Mgr, Gen County 

              Sheriff Dept.
             Topic: “What Emergency Means for Genesee County”

10 Feb 20 – “Ladies Day” Invite Your Ladies.  Special Refreshments.
            Kathleen Payton, Program Manager, Food Bank Eastern MI
            Topic: “Feeding Homeless and Hungry Kids in Genesee County”    

17 Feb 20 –Anthony Dirrell, WBC Super Middleweight Boxing Champion
             Topic:  Interview by Vedant – CEO, Global Kid Media

24 Feb 20 - Kamal Gupta, EDS Retired & Member RMFGF
        Topic: “Technology and Medicine That Will Make Our Lives More
           Enjoyable in This Decade”

  Gen Program Chair               President              Monthly Program Chair
          Jim Packer                   David Kincaid                   Kamal Gupta


February 2020 Programs