Retired Men’s Fellowship of Greater Flint    
   Coffee at 9:30       Flint Institute of Music      Program at 10:00
                                       Bring a Friend!
01 Feb. 2016 John Hartranft and Mike Wright
            Topic: "Flint Steamworks"
08 Feb. 2016 Sweethearts Day—special entertainment & treats for the ladies
            Program: Ebony-- String musical group introduced by             Bobbie Collins
15 Feb. 2016 NO MEETING—Presidents Day

22 Feb. 2016—Gail Singer, LPC    (Ladies welcome--topic may be of interest)               

            Topic:  “Healing Through Art” (fighting cancer)

29 Feb. 2016 Adam Hartley
            Topic: "GEARup2LEAD"

Gen Program Chair  President    Monthly Program Co-Chairs             Jerry Haller         Tom Cerny       Dan Anbe & Dave Scheidemantel