December 2020 Programs

                    Retired Men’s Fellowship of Greater Flint
“Coffee at 9:30”        Virtual Meetings on Zoom        Program at 10:00
                                          Bring a Friend!

Dec 7, 2020 – Lydia Sanchez-Roat, Volunteer Coordinator, Salvation Army
            Topic:  “Accomplishing the Mission in Challenging Times”

Dec 14 — Holiday Party-- Include spouses and significant others.  Music Interludes and much more… Enjoy your favorite beverage and snacks and catch up with friends before or after the formal meeting. 

Dec 21 – Gathering for Coffee, Fellowship, Sharing Stories and Maybe Singing. 

Annual Dues $25—Mail check payable to RMFGF to

        Treasurer Alan Ferrari, 2909 Brownell Blvd., Flint, MI, 48504

   Gen Program Chair            President              Monthly Program Chair
        Cyrus Ferrahi                Jim Packer                   Ron West