April 2019 Programs

                 Retired Men’s Fellowship of Greater Flint
Coffee at 9:30             Flint Institute of Music         Program at 10:00
                                           Bring a Friend!

1 Apr 2019 Carl Gabrielson, Director Loose Senior Center
       Topic: “Role of Senior Centers in Society”

8 Apr 2019 Scott Weber, Consumers Power
        Topic: “Alternative Energy Solutions”

15 Apr 2019 – Bob Nichols, Director Kettering FIRST Robotics Center
       Topic:  “FIRST Robotics—Fun For All Ages"

22 Apr 2019 - Ralph Rossell, Owner Rossell Funeral Home and Author
       Topic: “Growing Up in a Funeral Home" or "The Life of Death

            (The Bare Bones of Undertaking)".

 29 Apr 2019 –Video—Camp Forgotten—The Story of CCC Camps

Gen Program Chair           President              Monthly Program Chair
      Dave Kincaid                Ron West                         Dick Laing