The Retired Men's Fellowship of Greater Flint Celebrated the 60th Year of our Club on May 15, 2023.  The link to the Booklet for this special event is here

    60 Year Anniversary Booklet.pdf  

The 16 panel booklet is formatted for printing two-sided, landscape, (flip on short edge) onto 4 pieces of paper that can be folded into the booklet. 

We had a great turnout for the 60th Anniversary Celebration of RMFGF on Monday May 15, 2023, both in person and by zoom. There were many guests, and special guests who we recognized for their contributions to the success of our club, often behind the scenes or in special ways, in attendance.  It is always a joy seeing members, wives and guests enjoy time together.  We missed those of you who were unable to attend. 

We enjoyed delicious refreshments and fellowship from 9 until 10 when President Ron West called our 2134th meeting to order and we joined in the Pledge of allegiance, followed by an invocation by Roger Colby, announcements, and greeter report and Joke by Al Martin.  Never bashful, our senior member Jason Austin (now 102) commented that ..."even though I drove to the meeting I am challenged to be fully standing before the pledge is completed". We then introduced special guests and proclamation presenters. 

Bob Mills narrated a PowerPoint historical sketch of our 60 years, including how we experienced opportunities made possible by Zoom that enhanced our fellowship when confronted with the existential threat imposed by the Covid pandemic. 

Leroy Cole then shared by Zoom his always thoughtful reflections in "Perspectives of a Past President". Leroy was unable to attend most meetings for a few years before Covid and has become a co-host of our zoom meetings and gatherings, which he has rarely missed since June 2020.

President West then introduced all Past Presidents in attendance, followed by Current Officers and Monthly Program Chairs and expressed the appreciation of all for their efforts as ... The Great Adventure Continues into the next decade and beyond...